Getting started


This article is always evolving and being updated as our product is being developed. Be sure to keep track of this article so you'll stay updated with the last version of it!

Getting started

To get started with NED system and become a member of NED community, registration is required. After the registration, our system generates profile, NED wallets, NED address and other parts of our system for each of our users.

How do I set language of the system?

Our system is translated from English to multiple other languages. Our system translates itself to the main language of your browser.

Why does the website do not load correctly?

Our system is using the most modern technologies, so it means that to diplay it, you need the most modern browsers too. Our system is works perfectly with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you are using Internet Explorer, some bugs can appear, because this browser does not support modern features.

I paid for NED package many days ago, how come my wallet's balance is 0 NED?

This problem is in 99% of all cases caused by obsolete internet browser, which is not able to properly communicate with our system, and this problem leads to incorrect representation of real balance of your NED tokens. Solution of this problem is, again, installation of some of modern browsers, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

What is the Signature code?

Signature code is a special security code which you need for confirmation of important actions. It serves the same function as the PIN code of debit card does. Your signature code is always one-time generated during registration and IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to renew it. Your signature code appears after the first login into our system and appear always after successful login until you do not confirm that you stored it somewhere else securely.

How can I order NED package?

NED package(s) can be ordered from the Dashboard tab in menu. Here you can order NED package which you want to order. After clicking the button "order" our system will give you an option to choose one of the payment methods, which are: Payment Gateway, Wire transfer (if it is available in your country), Bitcoin Payment or Payment using credit in NED account. After successful payment your coins will be delivered in 48 hours, normally in 10 minutes. Since upcoming day bonuses are calculated for particular package too.

How can I sell back part of my bonus coins?

In the Wallet tab in menu, in box with title "Action in Web Wallet" you click rounded button in the right top. After clicking this rounded button pop-up will appear. Here you have to click "Exchange" titled button. Now, amount of USD which can be exchanged and sold back to our company will appear. Enter desired amount in USD which you would like to exchange and click again the button "Exchange". In the last step, enter your Signature code and click on "Sign & Exchange". If all entered details will be correct, exchanged amount will be transfered to withdrawable USD. You can find it in Profile->Withdraw bonuses.

What is the KYC form and why do I have to fill it?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a form which you have to fill in if you want to withdraw USD made by selling of bonus coins or made by NEDwork system. Filling this form is required by laws. We will need you to fill in basic details of your person as: Name, Surname, Address, Date of Birth or scan of your ID. All these details will be securely and stored in crypted form in our DBs.

How can I withdraw USD from withdrawable wallet?

In the tab Profile->Withdraw bonuses choose in what form you would like to withdraw your USDs. Current options are the possibilities to withdraw USD in form of BTC or to receive your funds to your bank account. You just have to fill in all required fileds, enter amount and Signature code. In case you filled in all required fields correctly, your request would be processed during multiple working day. Please note that minimal amount to be withdrawed is 10 USD in all possibilites of payout.

What does "Reserved transaction" mean?

It means that our system has not yet confirmed that it has already received signed contract about purchase from your side. But do not worry, it can only mean that your contract is in process of verification! Your NED tokens will be in hold until our system confirms that the contract is valid, after that it will automatically release it from the hold!

Still have questions?

Send us an email to [email protected], or log in into your profile and contact one of our operators using chat system