NED package


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What is the NED package?

NED package is a package thanks to which a person who bought it will receive fixed amount of coins (NED tokens). NED package also includes so called "bonus coins", which are being delivered on monthly basis to the owner of NED package until 2024-01-01. Find out more info about bonus coins here.

How can I buy NED package?

After account creation, each of our users can buy as many packages as they want to. Currently you can choose among Debit card payment, Wire transfer (if it is available in your country), Bitcoin payment and Payment using credit in your system. Coins will be delivered after successful payment in 48 hours, usually in 10 minutes. Since upcoming day monthly bonuses will be calculated too.

Decreasing amount of coins in packages every month

Our system decreases amount of coins (NED tokens) which will be descreasing every month in each of the packages, even though price of the package(s) will stay the same.

What packages can I buy?

We have prepared 5 NED packages with price starting on 100 USD and ending with 10 000 USD.

In what time after payment will the package be activated?

After the successful payment using Payment Gateway, package will be activated in multiple minutes, using Wire transfer (if it is available in your country) usually in 4 working days after receiving requested amount. In case of payment using BTC, package will be activated when amount of BTCs on deposit address will be equal to required amount of BTCs, in case of Payment using credit in your account is package activated immediately.

Can I cancel package and will you refund my money back?

EU regulations state that anybody who made a purchase online can ask for refund in 14 days from the day when the purchase was made without explaning a reason of cancellation and 100% of the amount which was used for the purchase must be and will be refunded. After 14 days from the purchase it is not possible to claim a refund of the amount used for NED package(s) purchase. Exception are the cases when you get into some hard life situation. In such case our company will assess your situation and if we confirm the claim of refund of the amount / part of the amount used for purchase of NED package(s), we will refund you money used for NED package(s) purchase.

Still have questions?

Send us an email to [email protected], or log in into your profile and contact one of our operators using chat system