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What is NED?

NED is a digital currency (token) that aims to allocate up to 50% of the company's financial capital to the development of NED ecosystem for the number of tokens that will be purchased by clients of the NED platform until 31.12.2023. Until this date, our private system created on our platform is used until 2023-31-12, since 2024-01-01 it will be using new system, blockchain ERC20 token. This new token is ERC20 token build on Ethereum and is already existing, waiting for distribution. Smart contract generated 10 000 000 000 (10 billion) coins (tokens), which are ready since the creation for distribution. NED ERC20 tokens will be securely deposited on main NED deposit address, from which coins will be distributed to Ethereum addresses of NED packages owners, since 2024-01-01 and during Q1 of 2024. Real estates and/or any other assets are being owned by the companies of the NED holding and the purchase and holding of a NED token, nor participation in the NED project does not entitle the holder/participant to benefit (including co-ownership) from the assets of the company.

What is ERC20 token and what does that mean for me?

ERC20 tokens are modern tokens built on Ethereum's base, which is today (2020-09-01) second ranked cryptocurrency by ERC20 tokens can be nowadays seen pretty often, for example Tether, fourth ranked cryptocurrency with capitalization of more than 10 000 000 000 USD is built on Ethereum as ERC20 token either. Using ERC20 token means for you that you will be using modern token built on tested system, which is one of the most modern systems in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Is NED ERC20 token already published?

NED will be running on our private system until 2023-12-31 and all coins will be transfered in 1:1 ratio from our private system to Ethereum blockchain since 2024-01-01. NED built on Ethereum is alrady published, you may display it on any Ethereum blockchain explorer, for instance You can display details of our token on straight here. Number of NED token's Smart Contract is 0x8d9d725aaa3f6236763ff548051657a342c37623.

Where can I generate NED address to receive my NEDs?

Our system automatically generates NED address for each of its accounts, and because until 2023-31-12 it is possible to send NED in our private platform only, it is sufficient to only create the account here, in NED platform. It will be possible to send NED coins even out of our platform since 2024-01-01. For this purpose you just have to generate your new Ethereum address anywhere on the internet, to which you will be able to send your NED tokens. We would like to remind you that the most secure way of storing your coins are so called "hardware wallets". For instance Ledger or Trezor, which will ensure you the best possible security for your coins. It is important to mention that each account created in NED platform includes one Ethereum address too, so for receiving coins you have already received by buying NED package(s) or by monthly bonuses, you do not need to generate any address. You must generate Ethereum address only when you will decide that you will want to send your NED coins to other address which will not already be generated by us.

How can I send NED coins from my wallet?

It is not possible to send coins away from our platform until 2023-31-12. Until this date, it is only possible to send coins in our platform because of the whole NED ecosystem development process. It will be possible to send NED coins out of our platform since 2024-01-01. Since this date you will have the possibility to freely work with our coins and you will also be able to send it to any other Ethereum address.

Why I can not display my transactions in ETH blockchain?

It is possible to buy NED coins (tokens) in our platform only until 2023-31-12 (Find out more here). Transactions are being logged into our private system until 2023-31-12. Since 2024-01-01 there will be NED distribution process of NED tokens (which were already sent to owners of NED packages). This distribution process will already be in Ethereum blockchain. Each of accounts created in NED platform includes securely generated Ethereum address, to which NED tokens will be send. None of our users has to create Ethereum address for this action themselves. This whole process will be done automatically and no action from our users is required.

How is the NED price determined?

We currently manage our pricing policy internally and no law or regulation requires us to conduct price analyzes and forecasts in accordance with the imposed rules. The development of the NED token value is based on the value of private costs for CAPEX (capital cost) and OPEX (operating costs) over time, in relation to the revenue from the sale of the tokens.

Still have questions?

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