Monthly bonus


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What is the monthly bonus?

Monthly bonus is an award in form of bonus coins for early NED holders for supporting project, which are being sent to owner of NED package, day after its paid. Bonus coins are being sent on monthly basis, until 1.1.2024, when NED system stops paying out this award for NED packages owners. Bonus tokens can be considered as an award for early NED owners. The main variable for monthly bonuses calculation is the original price of particular package.

How can I get bonus tokens?

Bonus tokens are being paid out on monthly basis to your Bonus wallet. There is no special action required, except ordering and paying for one or more NED packages. Each of NED packages has different monthly bonus.

What is the formula for bonus tokens calculation?

The formula for bonus tokens calculation is:

\(\frac {PnB}{P1}\)

The formula described in words would look like this:

\(\frac {(Package\kern{3px}Price * (Monthly\kern{3px}package\kern{3px}price\kern{3px} / \kern{3px}100) )}{Current\kern{3px}price\kern{3px}of\kern{3px}1\kern{3px}NED}\)

Why I can not find bonus tokens in NED wallet?

For better intelligibility we have splitted wallets to Bonus wallet, to which bonus tokens are being sent, and to NED wallet, where you can find received NED tokens which you received thanks to your NED package. Bonus tokens are being displayed in USD for better clarity, because early NED holders can sell back 20% of their bonus tokens to our company.

What can I do with bonus tokens?

Part of received bonus tokens can our users sell back to our company, so you can receive so call "cash back". Sice 2024-01-01 our system will automatically put together all tokens from NED wallet and all bonus tokens from the Bonus wallet, and will send it to your wallet, where you will be able to send it away from our system. Since 2024-01-01 it will not be possible to sell back part of your bonus tokens to our company, if we will not place a demand for buying same as any other user will be able to do in our system, or in any other 3rd party exchange. This whole process will be automatic, no action from our users is required.

Why I can not find transaction of my bonus NEDs?

Bonus NEDs are not being sent, but they are reserved on NED distribution addresses to ensure stability of the system in the first phase. If your monthly bonus equals for instance 1000 NEDs, these 1000 NEDs are reserved in our system. If you collect for instance 10 000 NEDs until 2024-01-01, these 10 000 NEDs will be added up to a sum of NEDs which you have received thanks to purchased NED package, and all together it will be sent to your Ethereum address. This transaction will be already logged in Ethereum blockchain.

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