Information about NED system


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Basic information about NED system

NED system is using the most modern technologies, thanks to which your experience should be as smooth as possible. You are connected to our system using SSL connection (https://) so no hackers can steal information entered by you.

How are my information secured?

All stored data are encrypted with our crypting algorithm using the most modern crypting methods. For encryption there is a need of the private key, which is owned by our company. We have also developped security model for our databases, so all of our data are anonymized and without logging into your account, none of stored data can be linked to your user account. All this together should ensure as secure system as possible.

What will happen with my NED tokens in case of my death?

Even this unhappy event is part of our lifes. In case of death of NED account owner, our company has to be contacted by a lawyer, who will be in charge of heritage proceedings. In this case, our company will provide full support so all NED tokens can be part of the heritage. We are able to provide such support and cooperation until 1st of January 2024 or until ERC20 NED tokens leave Ethereum address generated by our system. Otherwise our company will have no mean to provide any kind of support, because that time NED tokens are already gone from our system and we have no longer influence or mean how to manage NED tokens. If your family member will directly contact our company, our company must not and will not provide any support with NED tokens transfer nor with password reset.

Still have questions?

Send us an email to [email protected], or log in into your profile and contact one of our operators using chat system