What it will be about?

A modern crypto exchange under our control. Secure, modern system and AI, launchpad for new cryptocurrency projects, NED token in the main role. That's how the "Galilei" project, which is being developed within the NED ecosystem, could be summed up in two sentences.

Without cryptocurrencies, the world of digital currencies could not exist. All sales & buys of this digital world take place here. This is where the so-called volume of digital currencies is created, i.e. the amount of traded/exchanged digital currencies expressed against a certain time frame, usually 24 hours.

Our cryptocrypto exchange will initially focus only on crypto-crypto exchanges, however, it will bring an exclusive opportunity to buy new projects with growth potential (of course, hand in hand with the growth goes the downfall). Our crypto exchange will be a hybrid system between centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges, as it will offer a bit of each.

We are scheduled to launch our crypto exchange during 2022, we will be able to give a more detailed specification of the date once development will be near its completion. For the first few months, we will be offering free exchanges within our cryptocurrency exchange for NED token holders. For non-NED token holders, the standard fees for exchange, withdrawal, etc... will be present. After a few starting months, the majority of the fees can be paid with the NED token.

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