Take a look at the design of our cryptocurrency exchange, which is currently under the development. Look at it here. You can display the WhitePaper here.

Platforms within the NED® Ecosystem

ned future

N NED® Ecosystem

We are NED®

An innovative Fin Tech project built on a platform of 21st century.

We are Czech-English holding company NED New Era Development and our goal is to provide services in the digital space, on a global scale, so that as many people as possible can use and benefit from it.

The NED ecosystem connects three technology platforms that we develop ourselves: the Galilei, hybrid crypto-exchange, the Everchain, encrypted data storage and the NED Future, global real estate online platform, which takes an advantage of blockchain technologies, linked with our digital currency NED.

The NED token itself is Utility token, which means it will be the main payment instrument within the platforms, with an unique range of benefits.

Our team of experts develops the whole ecosystem so, that the real value of the NED token is formed and gives it necessary meaning and stability. Our specialized technology platforms will offer to our customers around the world either the completely new or significantly improved options and services. And more performer operations on any of our 3 platforms, the higher demand and value the NED token will have.

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NNED Platform


You will be earning money with the NED token since the beginning

• You can get a NED token in pre-sale, before entering into the free trading, at a much favorable price

Bonus tokens (the percentage of the amount for which you purchased NED tokens) will be sent to your wallet every month (you have it from us free of charge). Bonus tokens are our equivalent of cashback, which the client receives as a thank you for supporting the project in the initial phase.

• You can exchange up to half of the bonus tokens for current (fiat) money at any time. The rest can be exchanged since January 2024 in free trading on the respective crypto exchanges accepting NEDs

It is all about timing in crypto. That's why we now offer you the opportunity to value a money with a new cryptocurrency, associated in business in the real world - at pre-exchange prices.


NHow does it work?


It's similar like buying stocks with huge potential – except that you don't have to be an expert.

1) Register (it takes 2 minutes). Upon a registration, we´ll automatically set up a free electronic wallet, thanks to that you´ll have an access to your cryptocurrencies.

2) Choose any amount to purchase of NED and pay ofr it. You can send money to your account regularly, every month or once.

3) Start using bonus tokens

You will not be alone: we´ll assign you an experienced salesman - the Czech.. They will answer all your questions and will be ready for you at any time throughout our joint cooperation.

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NMultiple facts about the NED® project